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to the CEDI online resource

Enabling the attainment of carbon neutral targets in Nottingham’s built environment

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About Us

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The recently created Nottingham Climate Emergency Design Initiative (CEDI) are a network of built environment professionals working together to help Nottingham on its path for a zero-carbon future.

The voluntary group, made up of academics, developers, engineers, architects, planners, sustainability professionals and others, was initiated by the University of Nottingham prompted by Nottingham City Council’s Planning & Regeneration Department and the Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability Division, and supported by the Nottingham Growth Board.

Our purpose is to provide evidence-based technical advice and support to enable the delivery of buildings and developments aligned with the City’s carbon neutrality targets.

Project Aims

Project Aim 1

Grow the CEDI network and establish its presence online

Project Aim 2

Develop visual guidance and standards within Nottingham City Council's Design Quality Framework for the design and delivery of zero carbon buildings and developments, aligned with the Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2020-2028 Action Plan

Project Aim 3

Support the development and implementation of Supplementary Planning Policy Documents focused on carbon neutrality

Project Aim 4

Offer critical review capabilities and expertise for design panels and other relevant committees overseeing major developments within the City

Download our guidance report and fact sheets

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