Nottingham Retrofit Roadmap

How much carbon and money could be saved through housing retrofit?

Reducing #carbonemissions from existing homes represents one of the biggest challenges facing the UK in our transition to #netzero by 2050.

Last week, the findings of the Nottingham Carbon Neutral Housing: Cost vs Carbon Retrofit Roadmap, a project funded by the UK Government through the flagship Community Renewal Fund 2021/22, were shared at an event held at the University of Nottingham.

The project explored the energy and carbon reduction benefits of a series of retrofit strategies to improve typical existing housing, identified from a stock analysis, taking a sequential approach based on likelihood and feasibility.

Prof. Lucelia Rodrigues kicked off the event by sharing the national perspective and Nottingham’s positioning before looking at a detailed analysis of carbon reductions from retrofit for the various dwelling archetypes that make up Nottingham’s housing stock. It was noted that this assessment of cost-effectiveness and carbon-effectiveness of the retrofit interventions will lead to a discussion around a proposed roadmap for carbon neutral housing in Nottingham.

For more on what was presented please review the presentation shared in this news article.