New homes: a safe investment?

Dismayed by the Government’s slow introduction of radically enhanced Building Regulations, ones that will support the building of environmentally adequate spec-built homes, the Beyond Politics Group of Extinction Rebellion Nottingham decided to see if they could help house-buyers ask for something better through a changing market.

The Developers’ response when challenged over the quality of the homes they build is always that they are providing what the market demands.  The huge rise in energy prices is making house buyers much more conscious of the performance of the houses they are looking at and this is slowly changing the market. The problem is that buyers find it hard to know what questions to ask when looking at a house. A perusal of housebuilders websites shows an increasing amount of environmental blurb being pushed out, but nothing much in terms of specification or performance of their product.

This booklet aims to warn house-buyers of the potential need to do future retro-fitting  work if the house they buy isn’t anticipating the 2025 Building Regs changes and help them to ask the right questions of developers. The hope is that pressure from consumers will improve the sustainability of the houses that developers see as marketable.